Tucked in a rural and serene part of Erin Ijesa, Osun State, the Olumirin Waterfall is one of the most prominent and magnificent waterfalls in Nigeria surrounded by rocks with a lush and evergreen ambience adding to the beauty of the water fall. It is frequented by Nigerians – couples, lovers, children, National Youth Corp Members, and adventure seekers from far and wide. It is a place to have a good time.


Journeying from Lagos,board a bus from Osodi. Leave early as it will add to your experience , meanwhile you do not need to worry about delayed arrival. Since you are not travelling alone, you have to be patient especially when you are travelling with a woman.
Board a bus going to Ilesha Osun State. Although, the bus may take some time to fill out, but as you sit waiting, the occasionally distracting chant of prayer warriors, sellers, and the banters between drivers can be quite entertaining.

The journey from Lagos to Olumirin Waterfall should take approximately six hours. That is all things being equal. On arrival at Ilesa, you have another one hour ride to Erin Ijesha. The ride from Ilesha to Erin Ijesha. You can either take a motorbike to the Waterfall or walk down. At the entrance into the waterfall, there is an entry fee of N500 required. After settling the fee, you can either pay a tour guide to take you around or find your way.

At the magnificent OLUMIRIN WATERFALL





To climb the Erin Ijesha requires strength and patience. It is not for the feeble- minded. Why? Because the Waterfall cascade in seven different phases and only a handful have gotten to the seventh phase. It is a tough task but it is fun also as you climb the steps, holding weakly to the various tree trunks and feeling the warmth of the waterfall. The waterfall is a site to behold. A visit to the Waterfall is never complete if you do not soak yourself in the water
which some say has spiritual significance. Also, you can move from one phase of the Waterfall to another while dipping your whole being in the water. It is soothing and you will be wowed!

Things to pack for a trip to Olumirin Waterfall

*Change of clothes/slippers

*Power bank/charger

*Shower cap for women

Return to Ilesa to satisfy your taste buds at the African Kitchen

As the sunset, when it’s is time to leave and the fast food you ate can no longer suffice. Ilesa has delicious African cuisine, at "The African Kitchen" available; plate of rice, swallow and any food of your as well as assorted drinks which will satisfy your taste buds. Definitely a trip cannot be made back to Lagos and so the Spring Hill Hotel stands out as the best option.


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