Diy: personalized magnet


For this DIY project you will need:

  • Some magnets
  • Lid from jar
  • Card board
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Your favorite picture

First thing you need to do before you start this DIY project is to pick your favorite picture and print it in a smaller format, depending of the lid jar you will be using.

Next you can take your lid jar, measure the size of the lid and draw a circle on the card board. Also, you can make your life easier and draw the circle with the lid. The best cardboard you can use is as thick as you can find. I wasn’t able to find some thick card board so I’ve draw two circles on the same cardboard.


Then I cut them.





Now it’s time for some gluing. You can use any glue you like. I’m really happy with the way the hot glue gun works so I’m using it for everything including this project. Take the lid, put some glue inside and put the one circle of cardboard in the lid.


Next, take the other circle of cardboard and glue it on the previous one in the lid. You can put as many circles as you want inside the lid. The point is to fill the lid inside. I was happy how it came out with the two circles so I continued with the procedure.


The next thing you are going to do is to take the picture you printed previously and draw a circle with the lid. Cut the circle of the picture and glue it on the top of the cardboard.



Next you have to do is to take the magnets. You can see if you need one magnet or two by putting the magnet on the lid and then the lid on the fridge. If the lid stays on the fridge, then one magnet is enough. If it falls of the fridge, then maybe you need to put two magnets. The magnets I used were sticky at the one side, so I stick the magnet on the lid. If you can’t find sticky magnet like mine, you can stick it with hot glue.

Here is the finished look.

Additional advices

You can use different sizes and different shapes of jar lids and make a whole collage on your fridge with all the happy moments. You can also be creative and cover the lid with some sticky paper. Also, you can use some spray and make the lids in different colors. You can wrap a ribbon around the lid and make some bow at the top or at the bottom of the picture. Other thing you can try is to put pearls for gluing around the lid to give more shine to the magnet. I wanted the clean look so I left mine the way they are without adding anything.

This can be perfect gift for every occasion like Valentine, Christmas, birthday present only with adding picture of some crazy spent moments with your family, friends or loved ones.

Watch out the videos for more easy understanding.

Thanks and enjoy


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